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Policy, strategy and programme management

We assist your organization in achieving results, demonstrating changes and impacts on people’s lives by applying a result-based management approach. We apply our Gender Equality, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention programme management toolbox:

  • Gender Equality, Human Rights, Conflict Prevention in policies
  • Elaboration of national human rights and gender equality action plans
  • Reporting to international human rights mechanisms
  • Transitional justice and conflict prevention policies
  • Impact assessment of national and multilateral policies
  • Gender Equality, Human Rights, Conflict Prevention sensitive institutional and context analysis
  • Human rights, gender equality and conflict analysis
  • Organizational capacity assessment - constraints and opportunities to strengthen duty-bearers and rights holders
  • Gender Equality, Human Rights, Conflict Prevention sensitive project design and implementation
  • Support to participatory and consultative processes
  • Gender Equality, Human Rights, Conflict Prevention sensitive monitoring and evaluation
  • Development of monitoring tools (rights based indicators) to capture short and long term results
  • Evaluation of results and changes achieved

Samples of our realizations:

Technical support to UN and development aid country offices to mainstream gender equality, human rights and conflict-sensitivity in their programmes.

Development of training manuals in the field of gender equality, working with men and boys, women and girls to address gender-based violence (Brave Men and Brave Girls Campaign in Bangladesh)

Providing strategic and operational guidance to national organisations supporting them carrying out their mandate (Technical assistance to the NHRC Bangladesh and other institutions in Southern Africa)

Conducting participatory processes for mainstreaming indigenous peoples’ rights into UN Programming (UNDP-OHCHR HURIST programme) and co-designer of the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Partnership (UNIPP)
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