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Capacity building

We support you in developing Gender Equality, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention capacities within your organisation and among partners. Capacity building is not about the other only, it is an inter-institutional process based on dialogue, mutual learning and understanding. This is particularly true in sensitive cultural contexts.

  • Design and facilitation of capacity development initiatives
  • Elaboration of strategic plans
  • Develop and organize partnerships for resource mobilization
  • Design and facilitate trainings and workshops
  • Based on capacity assessment, develop institutional capacity development Plan to achieve the milestone identified and address capacity gaps to achieve the organisation’s mandate
  • Training and coaching for staff, partners and communities
  • Training for headquarters and field staff
  • Training for key partners
  • Development of tailored manuals and tools
  • Building effective and relevant networks and partnerships

Samples of our realizations:

Strengthening the capacities of national human rights institutions in Africa (Madagascar, Lesotho), Asia (Bangladesh) and Latin America (Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru). Recent presentation on the UPR and indigenous peoples (In French).

Strengthening civil society capacities the use of international human rights mechanisms, in Central and South Asia, Latin America, North and Southern Africa and Europe: support to the drafting of UPR, leading national consultations on UPR, and drafting of shadow reports to UN Treaty bodies – CAT, CRC, CEDAW.

Facilitation of trainings in the field of conflict Prevention and protection of civilians in Africa (Burundi, Benin).